Wicked Powder Coating was all started by a chance of fate. In 2009 the owner Mike was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that left him in the hospital with no spleen, 22 staples in his stomach, a finger that would never work right again, a lot of road rash, and a dream. He received a small check from an accident insurance company and decided to invest in a good deal that came around and eventually bought the start to a powder coating shop. Over the next year he put all his money from his full time job into the dream he would one day call his business. After a full year of working a full time job and then working at the shop all night, every night, WPC started to take shape. Almost four years later and with the help of some great friends  WPC is one of the most respected Powder Coating shops around. Mike has plans to keep expanding and growing Wicked Powder Coating and continue his dream shop.

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